Interfaith Alliance of Colorado celebrates local and statewide election results, calls for peace and patience as Presidential election results remain uncertain

The following statement may be attributed to Rev. Amanda Henderson, Interfaith Alliance of Colorado executive director

“The uncertainty of the Presidential election results is stressful for everyone, so I urge all Coloradans to remain calm while ballots are tabulated. It’s much more important for the count to be accurate than it is to be fast, and we know that millions of mail-in ballots in key states have yet to be counted.

Rev. Amanda Henderson, Executive Director, Interfaith Alliance of Colorado

“This situation is certainly stressful, but it provides us with an opportunity for reflection, peace and prayer in the midst of apprehension and division. Regardless of the outcome, our work to secure a more just and equitable Colorado will continue.

“This year’s unprecedented voter turnout and political engagement gives me hope for the future, especially the next generation. Propositions 115’s sound defeat is a landmark win for reproductive justice and women’s rights. It is time for Colorado to move beyond the bans and support expanding reproductive rights and abortion access. 

“The passage of paid family leave is a game-changer for working families, who will no longer be faced with the impossible choice of caring for a newborn or seriously ill family member and paying the bills. These wins will sustain us as we prepare to advocate for racial equity, economic justice and rights for all people in the legislature.

“It’s important for Coloradans to stay calm, motivated, and vigilant despite the uncertainty. We must find our inner courage and commitment to making Colorado a safe, healthy and prosperous place for all of us.”