A Statement Regarding Violence at our Nation’s Capitol and the Electoral College

Sometimes moments of extreme fracture can bring greater healing – just as the bone grows back stronger in the broken places. We pray that the fracture and heartache so many of us experienced by seeing the People’s House overrun by our own fellow citizens will inspire a fortitude in us to recommit to our democracy and the values that undergird our faith traditions.

By seeing a Confederate flag in the Capitol, we acknowledge that systemic racism is at the heart of this fracture.  

By seeing our elected officials cowering under their chairs with guns pointed through broken glass into our sacred chambers, we realize that the path we have been taking has led us away from our humanity, away from our connection, away from our freedom.  

Are we broken? Yes – and no.  

We have just elected a Black pastor and a young Jewish man to the US Senate from Georgia. Religious and racial diversity are at the heart of our country’s strength and must be elevated. We have heard powerful, unifying speeches from mouths we thought silent. We have realized that fanning the flames of division only leads to greater fires. Broken bones heal. Bone tissue grows into the open spaces and fills it with strength, connection, unity. This is our call. 

Julio Cortez / AP Photo

Moments ago, Congress completed its count of the Electoral College leading to the certification of Joe Biden as the next president of the United States. Today has been a hard day for America. But, we keep moving forward. Some fractures can begin healing. Others will remain. Our shared work going forward is to continue to recognize and honor the differences among us and fill in the broken places with those qualities that are stronger than fear, stronger than violence, stronger than division: hope, equity, justice, and love.

Tomorrow is a new day. And in awe of the many names by which God comes to each of us, we know that God will greet us at dawn to get to work.

In solidarity and hope, 

Revs. Tamara Boynton & Brian Rossbert