Coercion in Systems (education session and panel)

The public systems we navigate every day — from the education system, criminal justice system, and welfare system, among others — often have coercion baked into them that can deprive people of their ability to make free choices. Regardless of what systems we engage with, everyone deserves the right to make informed decisions.

Sam Carwyn, Interfaith’s Reproductive Health Rights and Justice Educator Advocate, hosted the Coercion in Systems education session on September 28th, and moderated a panel discussion that includes experts who have lived experience navigating these systems and experiencing the coercion that often accompanies them. We’ve included a full video of Carwyn’s presentation and the panelists’ remarks below.

Speakers include the Rev. Corbin Tobey-Davis, who is the executive director of the ROCK Center in Aurora, Colorado. You’ll also hear from Kathryn (Kat) Ling, who is a queer, Asian American leader serves as interim CEO for the education nonprofit edVentures. Storyteller Storyteller Laura Perez, a mother of eight, will share her experience with coercion in the carceral system. Heather Thompson, who works with the birth and reproductive justice organization Elephant Circle, will also speak about encountering coercion in the systems she engages with on a day-to-day basis.

Heather Thompson is deputy director of the Elephant Circle, which focuses on birth justice and reproductive justice for womxn in Colorado. The organization got its name from the protective circle elephants form around a mother that just gave birth, providing protection and support.
Kat Ling, interim CEO of education nonprofit edVentures, which focuses on creating a diverse pipeline of leaders to create innovative learning projects in the Metro Denver area.
The Rev. Corbin Tobey-Davis, executive director of the Aurora-based ROCK Center. Prior to that, Tobey-Davis served the lead pastor of the Parkview Congregational Church in Aurora for seven years.

Click here to watch a video of the event!

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