The Interfaith Alliance of Colorado tracks legislation and provides testimony for bills addressing our current public policy priorities, upholding religious freedom, providing economic justice, and standing up for racial justice.


Each year we invite you to spend a day at the Colorado State legislature to learn more about how the legislative process works, and how to make your voice and your values heard. On the first Monday in February, we gather at the State Capitol to hear from experts in their fields on how a bill becomes a law, how legislative committee hearings determine the fate of a bill, and how you can get through the noise to make a difference. You will have the chance to visit the floor of the Senate or the House, to meet your legislators, and to connect with others in your community who are ready to make change. REGISTER TODAY FOR THE 2019 DAY AT THE LEGISLATURE!


Voicing your values is one of the greatest tools you have as a grassroots advocate. Within the legislative context, you are a constituent. Your legislator was elected to serve the needs of their constituents. As such, your voice must be heard. It is up to all Coloradans to preserve our democracy and promote our values of dignity, equality, and opportunity for all by making our voices heard. This Advocacy Guide will help you to do that.