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Health Equity Learning Series: Race in Today’s Medicine: Science, History, and Myth

Join us for an opportunity to deepen your understanding of race and health equity. This event will feature a pre-recorded talk by Harriet Washington along with a facilitated community conversation.

In her talk, Harriet Washington explores how racist ideas/myths became imbedded into the thinking, culture and systems of the United States, fundamentally shaping both science and medicine. Washington guides people through examples of the historical and current consequences of these myths for African Americans and other communities of color.

Washington is an award-winning medical writer and editor who is well- known for her books, journalism and other scholarship related to medical ethics.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Complimentary services provided:

▪ A full meal will be provided free of cost

▪ Arabic and French language interpretation will be provided.

▪ Child care is available upon request. Please let us know if you will require child care no later than August 9th.

For more details about the event or to RSVP for child care services please contact Sonia at For additional information on the Health Equity Learning Series visit

NOTE: The venue is ADA compliant. If there are other accessibility requests that would help support your full participation, please contact Sonia at by August 2nd. Examples include: Sign language interpretation; lactation/nursing space; prayer space; transportation assistance; etc.

RSVP TO ATTEND: Sonia Kaufman 303-733-4089