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You asked. We delivered.

After many requests and comments about the need to deepen our work on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), we are proud to launch our very first phone app called EquiVote!

This app is designed to help users assess racial equity in their voting habits, as well as provide additional educational resources to promote deepened understanding. The app is based on our previously published Racial Equity Rubric and takes users through a short series of questions in order to help them assess how well they are doing in including racial equity as they vote on ballot measures.

EquiVote is not intended to be an end, but instead a beginning. The app’s short series of questions and scoring protocols are designed to assist in helping us all be more conscious of how racial equity shows up in our consideration of various ballot measures here in Colorado and beyond.

Because some characteristics are not shared by all individuals within a racial group, race equity must be viewed intersectionally. The categories of the questions represent some of the barriers built into our systems and maintained through prejudice, bias, and lack of awareness. To address racial inequity, we must review how individuals, and groups of individuals, are treated in unequal ways.

Don’t delay. Access EquiVote today!

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