Join The PCN

Join The PCN

The digital journey below will lead your church, faith community, or organization through the process of joining the Progressive Community Network.

“Interfaith Alliance of Colorado have the leadership, expertise, training tools, and networking capacity to engage many communities. They’ve been generous with their time in providing valuable information, training sessions, and personal coaching as we move into an arena that is new for us.”

Sue torfin, st. andrews episcopal church, denver

Step One: Self Assessment Tool

As a first step, we invite you to take this brief self-assessment survey to determine if your community of faith and meaning is a good fit for the Progressive Community Network and partnership with the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado.

If your survey results indicate that your community is a candidate for the PCN, you are invited to move forward to the work of Step Two as outlined below.

Step Two: Learn More

During Step Two, we invite you to dive into who we are as an organization and get connected with us digitally.

First, check out the video below. It highlights our mission and organizational values, and it captures the spirit of the work we do each day to make Colorado a more just and equitable place for all. You might also want to visit our About page to learn a bit about the history and vision of the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado.

Next, we’d invite you and any interested members of your community to use the form below to subscribe to our email list. Using the checkboxes, you can indicate which areas you’d like to stay updated on, and which are most relevant to you and the work of your community.

Finally, we’d love to connect with you on social media. Currently, we maintain an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (those links will lead you to our profile pages on each of those networks). We are committed to using social media as a force for good, adding value and meaningful calls to action rather than just adding to the noise.

Once you’ve gotten a sense of the work of the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado and connected with us online, you’re ready to jump into Step Three.

Step Three: Identify a Community Connector

Learn more about being a Community Connector here.  Once you have identified that person, go to Step 4.  You will need the email address of the Community Connector for the next step.

Step Four: Good Faith Contribution

It’s not about the money.  A contribution of any size will show a commitment to joining Interfaith Alliance of Colorado on the  Engagement Path.  To help you know what others have done, we recommend a starting contribution of one tenth of one percent of your operating budget or $100 per every $100,000 of organizational budget. Regardless of the amount, this investment in us tells us that you are serious about wanting us to invest in you.  

If you’d prefer to make your PCN good faith contribution via check, please download the printable donation form and send it along with your check to 1373 Grant St., Denver, CO, 80203. Please include “PCN contribution” in the memo line.

If the good faith contribution is not something your community can commit to at this time and you’d still like to be involved in the PCN, please reach out to us. We never want finances to be a barrier to joining the PCN.

Step Five: Engagement Workbook

Once you’ve completed Steps 1—4, we’ll send you a digital copy of the Progressive Community Network Engagement Workbook. This editable digital workbook, shared via Google Docs, facilitates organization-wide collaboration and will serve as a “home base” for your community as you learn and grow together.

The workbook is a deep dive into your community and the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado network. It includes guided conversations, intentional community discernment, trainings, engagement worksheets, tools for reflection, and much more.

If you’ve reached this stage of the journey, and haven’t yet received a digital copy of your workbook, please contact us.

Step Six: Community Covenant

The Annual Congregational or Community Covenant is comprised of multiple parts: a reflection, a story report, an aspirational plan, and a financial commitment for the next year. This covenant is how we remain in relationship—connected to the work and its fluidity, connected to the community and its passions, connected to sharing the stories, connected to the needs of the communities we elevate, and connected to aligning values and action now and in the future.

The Community Covenant is found in the Engagement Workbook.

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