Changing Systems - Cultivating Justice 

Across all contemporary injustices there is a broken economy designed to funnel power and wealth away from the people -- particularly people of color. This system is driving extreme inequality, gentrifying historically Black and Brown communities, wrecking the environment, robbing us of a livable wage, upholding white supremacy, indebting poor and middle-class families, undermining democracy and the ability to make progress on other justice issues, leaving many homeless, and many more struggling to pay rent and mortgages. GDP keeps going up -- along with the wealth of elites -- while our quality of life keeps going down.

From public banks to worker-owned co-ops, local investment platforms to a better regulated finance's time for the next economy.

We're sparking a fresh imagination in Colorado’s progressive faith-communities to recognize the anti-justice design of the current economy, and catalyze their participation in building a just system through solidarity, development, and advocacy.


We're building a just economy in coalition with: