Through the Progressive Congregation Network we strengthen our foundation as communities committed to learning, reflection, connection and action for human rights and equality issues in our state. From August to May representatives from each congregation come together monthly to build tools for advocacy, to become informed on pressing issues, to connect to each other, and to mobilize for shared action.

Over the past year and a half and have had opportunities to speak out when a Muslim community was experiencing discrimination, to explore ways we can confront and dismantle racism, to explore paths to economic justice, to make our voices heard at the Colorado legislature to protect GLBTQ rights and equality, to participate in the sanctuary movement, and to better understand ‘reproductive justice’ and threats to reproductive health and freedom.

In addition to the important work of relationship building, each gathering will include:

  • Intentional skill building for advocacy (utilizing our Advocacy Tool Kit)

  • Education on current events connected to rights and equity

  • Opportunities for action

Gatherings will typically take place the last Thursday of each month from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.


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