Progressive Community Network

The Progressive Community Network, or PCN, reflects our most closely aligned partners. The PCN is a network of communities of faith and meaning who seek a more just and equitable Colorado and find alignment in our way of bringing that vision forward. The relationships we build through this community by gathering for networking, education, and advocacy serve to strengthen the foundations of our collective liberation and movement building in Colorado. 

Interfaith Alliance of Colorado commits to members of the PCN by providing trainings, toolkits, workbooks, resources and connections. Communities in the PCN commit in turn to doing both the inner and outer work of engagement.  

The Path of Engagement, pictured here, is a model used throughout our work to guide individuals and communities toward action and meaningful change.

What do we mean by engagement?

We believe that engagement should be strategic, not transactional. Consequently, our work is bridge-building work that elevates the voices and experiences of impacted people and leverages the power of coalitions and stakeholders to catalyze real change. We believe there is a place for everyone to participate in this process—and that the process needs everyone to build the world we seek. Our partners hope is to help each person and each community of faith and meaning to find where they are and take the next step on the path.  

Strategic engagement is…

  • Intentional
  • Transformative
  • Nimble 
  • Both inner and outer work
  • Movement along the path 
  • Elevating impacted people
  • Leveraging power
  • A place for everyone to plug in! 

Got questions? Thoughts? Suggestions? Please email Rev. Tamara Boynton, Director of Strategic Engagement at for all questions and matters related to the PCN.