In 2017, we co-founded Colorado Village Collaborative alongside advocacy partners to rapidly and affordably develop self-governed communities with and for people coming out of homelessness. We’re making good on our beliefs that housing is a human right, that everyone should be treated like a human being, and everyone should have a safe place to thrive.


Colorado faith communities collectively own thousands of acres of undeveloped land--right when this asset is most needed to address our state’s affordable housing crisis. In partnership with Radian Inc., we promote the use of congregation-owned land for attainable affordable housing, facilitate a workshop series to help congregations clarify what to do and how to do it, and find the right partners to make these projects a long-term success.


We believe a new sort of economy is necessary. One that produces equity not inequality, that rights the wrongs of white supremacy, and treats creation regeneratively instead of extractively. In partnership with the Community Wealth Building Network, we’re supporting new institutions to create the backbone of a new economy emphasizing employee ownership, local investment, public banking, and more.