Housing Equity Campaign

The Housing Equity Campaign (Congregation Land Campaign) promotes development of affordable housing on faith-owned land, supports innovative solutions to homelessness and advocates for policies that advance equality of opportunity in housing.

Affordable Housing

There are over 5,000 undeveloped acres of congregation-owned land in metro Denver alone. We work with congregations, nonprofits, and other community partners to activate these sites for affordable housing statewide.


We partner with nonprofits and other entities to find and implement creative, dignified solutions to address homelessness. These include both short and long-term projects as well as the establishment of independent entities capable of supporting our unhoused neighbors.

Policy & Advocacy

We work at the local and state level to support policy changes that address the need for affordable housing, increase renter protections and provide safer alternatives for those living on the streets.

Interested in partnering with the Housing Equity Campaign? Send us an email- info@interfaithallianceco.org

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