Legislation & Advocacy

The Interfaith Alliance of Colorado advances state and local legislation that protects freedom of belief and practice while ensuring equal treatment under the law for all Coloradans. Through various methods, we leverage our unique, faith-based perspective and expertise to advance a policy agenda rooted in commonly shared commitments to justice, liberty, and religious expression.

There are several ways we work to achieve our main goal of promoting an equitable, just Colorado for all communities, including our most marginalized neighbors. Our key issue areas create for us a number of concrete policy objectives. We secure these objectives through a range of strategies and tactics.

Policy and Research –  We inform the policy dialogue by understanding Coloradan’s challenges and identifying solutions

-Legislative Advocacy We build support for policies that make a difference for Colorado families with low incomes 

Coalition Building We nourish and cultivate strong and effective partnerships throughout Colorado 

Public Education We educate the public on how systems of oppression are intertwined and to create stronger more effective advocates 

Building Relationships We place relationships at the center of our work to ensure that the most marginalized voices are heard

2022 Legislative Report (coming soon!)

View a rundown of last year’s session—the bills we supported and opposed, and the accomplishments we celebrated together!

Advocacy Toolkit

The advocacy toolkit will empower you to use your voice as a Colorado constituent. We believe that it is up to all Coloradans to preserve our democracy and promote our values of dignity, equality, and opportunity for all by making our voices heard. This robust guide will help you to do just that.

Religious Freedom and Anti-Discrimination

As an interfaith organization that works to protect religious liberty and ensure that people are not discriminated against, we often encounter confusion about what religious freedom and liberty actually mean and how they operate in public in the political sphere.

Racial Equity Rubric

Developed as a tool for informed voting during the 2020 election, our Racial Equity Rubric gives voters a tool to evaluate proposed legislation through an intersectional race equity lens.